This reduction linocut began with a photograph taken by my friend Megan on her trip to Ireland in 2016.  I loved how the smallest branches resembled a canopy and how they enveloped the rest of the tree, giving it shelter.  That it still seemed to be covering the sky even when bare of leaves made it even more magical, and I wanted to capture that feeling in my carving.

The background of this print took about 20 hours to carve, with micro gauges.  I loved the meditative effect this carving had on me, and it was more than a little difficult to remove that carving once the gray color was printed. (I kept the shavings and used them in my "Jungle" collograph, which you can see in the collograph bar of the menu page!)  The stark black trunk is what makes this print come alive, however, and the sacrifice of all that carving was so worth it.

One of these prints was featured in the 25th annual UW-Parkside Small Print Show in the winter of 2017.

These prints are for sale for $50 each.  You may purchase one by clicking here.

© 2017 by Mel Kolstad.  

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